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cowhide rugs - natural fibers

Cowhide Rugs for your Home

Cowhide Rugs are a unique way to accent your home décor. Whether you choose a natural skin design or a more elaborately produced pattern, our cowhide rugs can be a creative way to decorate your room.

Made through a traditional tanning method, cowhide rugs can be shaped and dyed to create rustic or modern floor coverings. They can be formed intact, giving them a true, animal skin presentation, or they can be cut and fabricated into traditional and modern patterns. Cowhide rugs are versatile and can fit a myriad of room styles.

You might be surprised at the many patterns and designs that are available. Often these rugs are styled to look like other animal skins and other patchwork patterns.

When caring for these rugs, you will want to make sure to avoid exposure to harsh environments. Heat, excessive light, water, and high-traffic areas can be detrimental to cowhide rugs. As with other leather products, you will want to use your best judgment in finding ways to care for and protect your purchase.

Cowhide rugs introduce a noteworthy feature into your home’s environment and can become a centerpiece for your design. When you are ready to add one to your home, let us help you choose the right one. Click here to see our online gallery of Cowhide Rugs or email us to contact one of our representatives.

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