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What kind of rug pad should I get for my natural fiber floorcovering?

Rug pads are available in three styles.

  • The Soft Grasp rug pad is a double stick pad that will help hold your rug in place while on a carpeted surface.
  • The Pillow Grasp is a softer rug pad that will add cushion and help hold your rug in place while on a hard surface.
  • The Supreme Grasp is a reversible pad with extra cushion and comfort that can be used over hard or carpeted surfaces.

Should I use natural fiber rugs outside?

We do not recommend natural fiber rugs for use outdoors. Water and the elements can often damage your natural fiber rug. We do offer some outdoor products that can withstand the elements. Our Piazza and Outdoor Braided Rugs are made of polypropylene and are perfect for weathering the outdoors. View these rugs on our Outdoor Rugs page.

When will my rug ship?

Our rugs are custom made to order and usually ship within 7-10 business days.

Are samples/ swatches available?

Yes, 3x5 swatches are available. To order, simply add the rug you like to your cart. Ordering a sample allows you to match colors, and touch and feel the texture and pattern of the rug you are interested in, be it sisal, jute, seagrass, coir, straw, or wool.

Can I order a sisal rug in a size that is not listed on your website?

Yes, our sisal rugs can be ordered in custom sizes. Every sisal rug we make is hand cut and finished in the US. Please e-mail or call us if you would like to receive pricing on a custom size rug.You can also order custom size sisal rugs and design your own rug by visiting Grown Green Rugs

Do you offer a Trade Discount?

Yes, we are happy to offer a 10% trade discount to qualifying members. Click to download the application form. Trade Discount Application

Do you offer a Stain Guard or Fiber Protector for your products?

No. We have researched this, and found that when it comes to natural fibers, such as sisal, jute, wool, etc. stain guards really hold no merit, thus no extra value is added to the rug.

What fibers perform best in high traffic areas?

Sisal and seagrass are very durable, and best suited for high traffic areas.

What do you consider to be the softest natural fiber?

While we consider all of our natural fibers soft enough to walk on, wool tends to be the softest. Our Wool rugs are plush, soft to the touch and extremely comfortable to walk on. Jute rugs are also soft and feel great under foot.

Is sisal suitable for use on stairwells?

We do not recommend using sisal rugs on stairs, as the fiber may become slick, causing people to fall.

Should I steam clean my rug?

No. Steam cleaning, or any other overall cleaning method that saturates your rug with water, will stress the natural fibers in your floor covering. For instance, sisal will shrink, and coir will expand. For more information check out our Rug Care page.

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