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Natural Fibers

Jute Rugs Improve Your Eco-friendly Interior

Jute Rugs are highly textured, soft, and are a naturally appealing floorcovering choice. Jute is a natural vegetable fiber is harvested from the jute plant historically grown in India and Bangladesh. The fiber itself is collected from the skin, or bast, surrounding the stem of the plant. To begin the harvesting process, the stalk of the plant is cut off close to the ground, tied into bundles and soaked in water for 20 days. The fiber is then stripped from the stalk in long strands, washed in clear water and hung to dry. After 3 days the fibers are gathered into bunches and are ready for use. Jute rugs are the perfect design material for any décor from traditional to contemporary.

When selecting the right Jute Rug for your home, consider whether you want a rug that offers a rough, handspun look or one that is more finely woven. There are many traditional weaving patterns for jute rugs, including Boucle, Panama, and Herringbone. Many of these rugs are fabricated and loomed in India, with one of the most popular Jute rugs being the handspun Grand Basketweave jute rug.

Jute Rugs are known not only for their traditional, classic weaves, but also for being one of the most environmentally friendly floor coverings available. The Jute plant grows in about 4-6 months, produces large quantities, and due to its rapid replenishment, protects against deforestation through industrialization. The expired fibers can also be recycled, adding to its eco-friendly recognition.

Jute Rugs are available at Surface Threads in a range of sizes, styles, and colors. If you are ready to select your Jute Rugs, click here to view our Jute Rugs or email us to contact one of our representatives.

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