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Natural Fibers

Our Commitment to Beautiful Environments

We have an everyday commitment at Surface Threads to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. Of course, since most of our beautifully textured floorcoverings are made from renewable resources, such as sisal, jute, seagrass, and wool, being eco-friendly is simply in our nature.

Natural fiber rugs are sustainable, biodegradable and the environmentally responsible choice for helping to preserve our planet for generations to come.  

Here is a breakdown of our earth-friendly fiber choices:


Sisal is considered the strongest and hardest wearing of the natural fibers. The Agave Sisalana plant, grown in Mexico, Brazil, and some parts of Africa, has a 7-10 year lifespan and can produce up to 300 usable leaves in a lifetime. Each sword-shaped leaf of the sisal plant contains about 1000 fibers, of which the highest grade ones are used to produce sisal rugs and carpeting. Sisal yarns are spun and then woven into beautiful sisal rugs. Sisal is naturally anti static, sound absorbent, and durable. Sisal rugs make the perfect choice for environmentally sustainable living.


Seagrass rugs bring durability and effortless natural style to your environment. Made from a tropical reed traditionally harvested in Pacific Rim countries, handmade seagrass rugs always add appealing texture. The seagrass fibers are harvested by hand, dried and hand-spun into tough strands. When woven together, the result is a carpet that is full of texture, yet hardy and durable. Seagrass blends nature’s own colors - beige, green, yellow and russet - in endless variation. Seagrass rugs and carpets will have a distinctive hay-like aroma, which will mostly dissipate, but provide a reminder of nature’s freshness. Mountain Grass falls in the same category as seagrass, but is grown in the higher elevations of Asia. When woven, Mountain grass, is a textured carpet with a wooden-like appearance. Mountain grass is softer to the touch, but is still a durable natural fiber. With their sweet, fresh hay scent and soft-green to light-beige hues, Seagrass and Mountain grass rugs bring the beauty of nature indoors.


Highly textured, soft and incredibly durable, jute rugs are the naturally appealing floorcovering choice. Jute fiber is harvested from the jute plant historically grown in India and Bangladesh. The fiber itself is collected from the skin, or bast, surrounding the stem of the plant. To begin the harvesting process, the stalk of the plant is cut off close to the ground, tied into bundles and soaked in water for 20 days. The fiber is then stripped from the stalk in long strands, washed in clear water and hung to dry. After 3 days the fibers are gathered into bunches and are ready for use. Jute rugs are perfectly at home in any décor from traditional to contemporary.


Coir is the coarse fiber of the outer husk of a fully mature coconut. 90% of the world’s coir comes from India and Sri Lanka. A typical palm tree has coconuts in every stage of maturity and can produce 50-100 coconuts per year. To harvest the coir, the coconuts are de-husked and soaked in warm water to swell and soften the fibers. The fibers are then twisted and spun into yarn, then woven into carpets that are full of natural character. Durable and functional, coir carpets are able to withstand some contact with moisture, unlike other natural fibers


With their traditional appeal and resilient nature, wool rugs work well in almost any home environment. Wool is one of the most versatile fibers ever woven. The wool fibers are sheared from the coats of sheep and then spun into one of the world’s most beautiful yarns. Wool is also durable enough to create the world’s finest heirloom carpets and rugs. Wool rugs provide style, beauty, and performance that will grace your home for many years to come.


Designed to withstand the elements, our outdoor rugs convey the beautiful texture and style of natural fibers. Woven from 100% UV stable polypropylene for increased water resistance.


Straw rugs are the perfect choice for textured and organic appeal. Our straw rugs uniquely combine several renewable natural fibers. To create this rug, we start with a hand-harvested grass native to India and blend it with chenille, jute and seagrass to create a dramatically distinctive look and feel, perfect for any room you choose. The ancient hand labor process of cutting, raking, drying and baling the grass stalk yields a hardy, straw-like fiber ready to be woven into carpets full of texture and design. The finished straw carpets and rugs bring together new world technology and old world charm. Straw rugs are produced from sustainable resources, and the straw hues create an organic finish that is perfect for today’s environmental design style.

Natural Carpet Backings

Some of our most common backings include jute, natural latex, and natural rubber. Natural rubber and latex backings are extracted from the Havea rubber tree and unlike synthetic latex, natural latex is not produced by chemical polymerization.

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