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sisal rugs - natural fibers

Sisal Rugs Provide Sustainable and Practical Elegance

Sisal Rugs, durable, renewable sisal wears beautifully and adds warm eco-style to any room. Harvested from the sword-shaped fronds of the agave sisalana plant, grown in East Africa, Brazil, Merida, and Mexico, sisal is the ideal earth-friendly flooring solution. Our rugs are incredibly versatile and available in a wide range of textures and patterns.

Sisal is considered the strongest and hardest wearing of the natural fibers. The Agave Sisalana plant, has a 7-10 year lifespan and can produce up to 300 usable leaves in a lifetime. Each sword-shaped leaf of the sisal plant contains about 1000 fibers, of which the highest grade ones are used to produce sisal rugs and carpeting. Sisal yarns are spun and then woven into beautiful sisal rugs. Sisal is naturally anti static, sound absorbent, and durable. Sisal rugs make the perfect design material for environmentally sustainable living.

Beyond simply being eco-friendly and practical, Sisal Rugs are naturally beautiful and stylish as well. Available in a variety of attractive weaves, Sisal rugs made from sisal will add a touch of subtle elegance to any room. Sisal Rugs create a sense of texture and warmth that will help take your interiors to the next level.

At Surface Threads, we are dedicated to selling a wide variety of rugs made from natural materials. From sisal and seagrass to jute and wool, we have countless products to suit your discerning tastes. Contact us to learn more about our many products, or visit our store to view our complete selection of Sisal Rugs and other natural fiber floor coverings.

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